Recruitment process at [sf≡ir]

Let's Talk About
Your Career!

Here is our Recruitment process

Keep, Drop, Start!

Do a recap on your career with one of our Recruiters during an informal phone call

We will talk about you and SFEIR.

What do you want to do? Which technologies would you like to learn or improve?
What are your passions? What motivates you on a daily basis?
What would you like to share? Which contribution would you like to make?

We love questions and we would be more than happy to answer them all!

SFEIR Discovery!

Come & meet us in our offices, you will be surrounded by the spirit of sharing and transmission that drives us

You will be gladly admitted to the SFEIR offices by your Recruiter. This will be the opportunity to discover our working environment, meet informally the technical teams. During a one to one meeting with your Recruiter, we will talk about your skills, wishes as well as your career evolution.

Thank God It’s Friday!

What if we coded together? Join us on Friday afternoon to participate in the PlayOffs where you will meet our developers and share your skills!

You will code with 3 Sfeirmates, especially chosen for you, during a Pair Programming session. It’s divided into 3 different hours about: Algorithms, Language and Framework. It is a strong moment of sharing. A discuss with our Sales Team is intended to answer all the questions related to our missions and clients.

Welcome on Board!

Once you have successfully passed the PlayOffs, we finalize the terms of your hiring and get you started with the best conditions

The Monday following the PlayOffs, we will give you our feedback and the offer within the same week. If you accept it, a lunch with your Team Leader will be planned as soon as you join SFEIR. Note that your salary is reassessed every 12 months during our Career Board.