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Create a winning Strategy

For companies engaged in digital transformation, the key is to ensure that the strategy is truly transformational and not just a set of cost-cutting measures.

Digital disruptors often access markets with a platform-based business model. Existing businesses seeking to reposition themselves successfully must be offensive.

  • Ideate

    Open up the field of possibilities

  • Design

    Create great experience for users

  • Agility

    Deliver more value

  • Tech Advisory

    Challenge your strategy

  • Culture Change

    Align with the future

  • Assessment IT

    Boost your efficiency


Architect, Build and Scale

The architecture of your information system must be prepared to follow the defined strategy and be able to adapt to future changes.

With a platform strategy you can promote reuse, more easily adopt emerging technologies and make updates and technology changes with minimal impact.

We have the expertise to expose your services as APIs, create ergonomic interfaces, build scalable architecture models and an advanced data infrastructure.

  • Cloud Native

    Move to the cloud

  • Data Engineering

    Create values with your data

  • Web Applications

    Improve user experience

  • Mobile

    Connect everywhere

  • Machine Learning

    Innovate with A.I.

  • Architecture

    Be prepared for the future

  • API & Microservices

    Open your business to partners

  • Open Source

    Promote & Use open technologies


Develop your Skills

Our mission is to boost your career through state-of-the-art technology courses.

All SFEIR Institute courses are delivered by high-level trainers who work on mission-critical assignments.

You can learn something fresh and directly applicable in your professional context.

  • SFEIR Institute

    Train your teams with our experts

  • Coaching

    Secure the learning curve

  • Resources

    Take advantage of our online content

3 Delivery Models

  • Talents

    Benefit from the expertise and leadership of one or more Sferians to take up your technical challenges.

  • Feature Team

    Get significant results from the early beginning of development while enjoying a dedicated team to your project.

  • Factory

    Inside our offices, our Sferians work on your projects diving into the development universe.