Make Real

When the software industry speaks of "architecture", it is a reference to a rather vague concept. They are usually the internal design of a system. Architecture is in fact an abstraction of the elements of a software system.

This abstraction can be focused on different levels : an information system, a Web application, a mobile application and a data platformall have an architecture.

The role of the architect

When implementing a system, an architect necessarily intervenes. Its role is very important :

  • He must interact with all the stakeholders : customers, product manager, ops and developers in order to envision, model and provide the best abstractions and the first conceptual models of the system which must be implemented,
  • He must constantly review the software produced to ensure the quality of the design while avoiding complexity and promoting clarity,
  • He works in collaboration with others, showing great humility and providing mentorship. This collaboration also allows the architect to both familiarize himself with the skills and interests of the team and share his knowledge.

If the architect has produced a high-quality architecture, it is easy and quick or inexpensive to add new functionalities to what was originally designed.