Cloud Native

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Cloud Native

The Cloud Native approach is designed to create applications that make the most of Cloud computing.

It's more of an approach to building apps than a reference to where the apps are hosted.

Cloud-native approach

When relying on the Cloud-native approach it is paramount to develop applications which :

  • rely on almost unlimited computing power,
  • offer the possibility of scaling very quickly with very short cold start times,
  • use modern and efficient storage systems,
  • industrialize production with a generalized use of CI/CD chains,
  • allow the use of powerful supervision tools,
  • integrate the concept of API.

When companies build and operate applications in Cloud-native mode, they implement new ideas and respond more quickly to the needs of their customers.

This is why companies that naturally use the power of the Cloud are in the best position to be the leaders of tomorrow. They are already a step ahead in the digital economy.

The best informed decision makers are no longer wondering whether they should use the cloud, but how they will use it in a global way.