Data Engineering

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Data Engineering

Data engineers are the designers, builders and managers of the data infrastructure.

They develop the architecture which makes it possible to analyze and process data according to the needs of the organization. They are responsible for the global data infrastructure operating properly.

The 3 types of data engineers

There are three main types of data engineers :

  • Architects, who identify the needs of the company and who go as far as developing and maintaining solutions. These engineers work on many processes, they are responsible for the proper operation of each stage of data processing. They often intervene in the upstream stages of processing, interact with decision-makers and make MVPs. They are the builders of data platforms,
  • Engineers in charge of data pipelines, responsible for setting up the infrastructure that ensures the reliability and security of data transport. They work in collaboration with many teams. They guarantee that a piece of data reaches its destination by being able to prove it or give the causes of a malfunction,
  • Engineers in charge of data processing and data storage, who master the various storage solutions, know how to write cleaning, filtering and data aggregation processes. They are often in charge of for dumping data into data warehouses or data lakes.