Machine learning

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Machine learning

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) which aims to give a machine a learning ability without having to program it in detail.

Machine learning and Big Data

However, to learn and grow, computers need colossal amounts of data to train on. In fact, "Big Data" is necessary for Machine Learning and Cloud computing solutions like the Google Cloud Platform are the most suitable today to facilitate the task of developers wishing to use machine learning for their applications.

A large part of the population is already in contact with machine learning solutions, sometimes without knowing it, whether by using voice assistants or simply by searching for images on the Web. It is especially through its search engine development that Google has created tools that are now available to the developer community through APIs such as Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API or Cloud Natural Language Processing API.

The fields to which Machine Learning can be applied are numerous and are likely to offer companies new strategic tools. Industry, finance, insurance, the media and even the medical sector are already using Machine Learning for real-world use-cases.

For instance, one of the world's leading corporate insurance company, MetLife, uses it to optimize the handling of customer complaints, which are now better supported thanks to the information processed by this technology. This is but one of many examples such as predicting real estate prices, recommending products with consumer behavior analysis, detecting spam or fraud, etc.

Machine Learning is being deployed in all sectors of the economy. Thanks to the Cloud and the existing APIs, Machine Learning use is no longer limited to researchers and is becoming accessible to everyone.