Make Real

Digital mobility is defined by the use of information and communication technologies in order to offer the same benefits as physical mobility, but without having to move.

The challenge of digital mobility

Digital mobility has become a societal issue in recent decades.

The possibility of interacting remotely with one's environment in the private and professional sphere has overturned well-established practices. The workplace is especially impacted. It goes from being a physical space - an office - to becoming a virtual space commonly called "digital workplace".

For companies, the in-house digitalization of processes and the implementation of tools virtualizing collaboration has become essential.

Mobile uses have also transformed the communication strategy of companies. Targetting mobile devices represents the majority of digital advertising investments in France and mobile surfing has long exceeded desktop use.

This is why special attention must be paid to the development of websites or mobile applications so that their performance (speed of page loading, ease of handling, design) actually meet the new requirements of mobile users.