Open Source

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Open Source

Open source means software whose source code is universally accessible and modifiable.

The open source movement has grown steadily since 1998 and has spread to all sectors, both public and private.

Open source philosophy

Unlike proprietary solutions, the very nature of open source software allows it to be supported by large communities of developers. as well it allows for new opportunities in terms of freedom and cost reduction.

This learning and sharing philosophy gives companies tenfold the choice through the numerous initiatives in all areas of IT, from cloud and machine learning to security, including continuous delivery and testing.

Open source is the first accelerator of digital innovation and the biggest pure-players in the sector (Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Netflix, GitHub ...) have largely contributed to making this philosophy the new standard.

Since its creation, SFEIR has been part of open source with the conviction that sharing and collaboration bring the best technological innovations that actually create value.