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SFEIR Institute

SFEIR Institute provides companies with training solutions on cutting-edge technologies. Each year, we train several thousands, in France and around the world.

The Sfeir Institute approach to training

SFEIR Institute combines two passions of SFEIR: a passion for technology and a passion for transmission and sharing. For our customers, SFEIR Institute is a form a leverage to accelerate the adoption of the most recent technologies and kick their transformation into overdrive. For them as for us, SFEIR Institute is a tool for continuous improvement in an ever-changing technological universe.
– Bruno Le Forestier, VP Business SFEIR

SFEIR Institute certified instructors, all world class, are true experts in their field and very effective trainers. Their vocation is to provide the best training to professionals wishing to develop cutting-edge skills on the latest technologies.

To guarantee the excellence of SFEIR Institute, we made strong decisions: our trainers are, above all, 'Doers'. That means they are consultants who work each week with our customers where their skills are put to the test and they get to improve continously. As a result, our training courses are not generic HowTo courses but interactive sessions rooted in field practice.
– Didier Girard, VP Engineering - SFEIR

SFEIR Institute offers a catalog of more than 50 courses on topics including AI, Big Data, Cloud, Containers, DevOps, Front-End and Back-End development, IoT, Mobile development, the Web and Agility. We also design and deliver personalized training solutions, fine-tuned to the environment and the requirements of our customers.

At SFEIR Institute, we offer training solutions to the highest standards, whether through our own training content or through our partnerships with the largest suppliers of cutting-edge technologies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Linux Foundation and Coursera . Thus we are able to offer our customers a training plan that will meet their goals as efficiently as possible.
– Thomas Gros, Head Of Engineering - SFEIR Institute