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Web Application

There are two types of web applications : modern websites and digital workplaces.

They both :

  • Provide a space where value creation is facilitated, be it for a client or an employee,
  • Are designed to solve a problem.

They are increasingly complex to develop, require integration with third-party systems and act as a point of reference to interact with an information system.

Modern Web applications

Moreover, modern web applications have the potential to yield great impact.

They can offer functionalities that are generally associated with native applications, such as :

  • Almost no loading times,
  • Installation on the home screen of a mobile phone,
  • Offline access,
  • API consumption,
  • Push notifications,
  • Geolocation.

The role of a web application will always keep on evolving. When well designed, such an application is a robust platform compatible with future activities of a company.